5 Tips to Get More Good Deals at the Mall

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The mall is the perfect place to find clothing in every style you could ever want. If you plan well, it can also be a great place to find good deals. If you’re a savvy shopper, you can find discounts and sales to buy your favorite brands at great prices. Pay attention to the following 5 tips to find good deals at the mall.


  1. Shop at the Right Time

Most stores hold big sales a few times a year. If you time your shopping right, you can save a lot of money. Victoria’s Secret, for example, holds a semiannual sale around May and December every year and typically has discounts of 50% or more.


  1. Join Rewards Programs

Many mall stores offer membership programs that reward their customers with discounts or even store credit after enough purchases. American Eagle, JC Penney’s, Macy’s, and Gap, for example, all offer membership programs that either send out discounts to their members or give out credit for accumulating points.


  1. Look for Coupons

Just like when you go grocery shopping, you can save money at the mall by using coupons. Before you go shopping, try a quick search online for coupons at both the mall you’re visiting and the individual shops you plan on looking at. You might be able to print off a few coupons that will add up to serious savings.


  1. Check Out the Clearance Section

When you’re at the mall, don’t forget about the clearance sections. Clearance sections are often full of out-of-season items. If you have a bit of patience, you can save a ton of money by shopping for things you’ll use next year. The clearance section might have other great items that haven’t been selling quickly enough, often with fantastic discounts. J. Crew, for example, often has great items for much lower prices in their clearance section.


  1. Talk to the Sales Associates

When in doubt, ask the sales associates at your favorite store if there are any deals available. Often stores will offer discounts on specific kinds of products (3 for 2 t-shirts, for example). The sales associates can fill you in on what deals are available so you can shop with them in mind.


Here’s one more bonus tip: there’s an app dedicated to finding great deals at the mall.