Rise of social shopping and Pinterest





Pinterest or better known as the social board of the new century where every individual can pin any of their favorite items online be it a recipe, new dress they adore or just simply a nice quote. For the initial years it specifically attracted female demographic which brought it into top 10 most used social network after Facebook and Twitter [1], currently ranked at 5th most widely used social network by Alexa.

Social shopping

Social shopping is not something which just came into existence recently but has been around as long as shopping is. The concept as it implies from the name means that it is the interaction between people while they go about shopping. In the age where e-commerce sales is breaking one record after another [2], brands are depending more and more on social networks to derive their sales and promotions, targeting their customers specifically according to their niches. This intermingling of social network and e-commerce has brought revolution wherein people tend to make their shopping choices by recommendations of their friends or people who have tried/reviewed product online.

Pinterest has risen to top when it comes to shopping in all of the social networks as the average order value was recorded at 126% more than Facebook [3]. The use of Pinterest grew from just pinning liked items to more of an online inventory, where celebrities and brands have boards where mass number of followers keep up with their pins and eventually buy through the pins which are linked back to sales pages. It also have released new features specifically for shopping is that the category of Gifts and also the addition of Rich pins which are Pinterest pins that are enhanced with metadata, allowing publishers, brands and retailers to add extra information to images that people pin.

Shopping online continues to grow and so does the amount of content added to Pinterest, it’s unique appeal to the users is the ability to discover things in a very visual way, which in contrast is very different experience than generic e-commerce websites. If you are not already doing it than start pinteresting, hop onto the social shopping dragon and fly away into the misty mountains of pins.