5 Ways to Get Better Bargains at Outlets!

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You may think that just because you’re at an Outlet Mall you’re getting a better deal. You may think that… but you’d be wrong! There are many ways to get a better bargain at your local Outlet stores or mall, but if you’re asking me (and you’re still reading this so I guess you are…), here are the 5 best ways!

  1. Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!! If you’re at an Outlet mall, many times if you check their website you can print out the ones you want, or simply visit their Customer Service desk when you get there, and you’ll find coupons for many of their stores!
  2. Compare prices before you buy! Just because you’re at an Outlet store, doesn’t mean you’re actually getting a better deal! If you’re buying something, especially a larger purchse, put that Smartphone to use and research prices online before you buy! You may even stumble upon one of those handy coupons I mentioned before!
  3. Time your shopping right! If you’re looking for deep discounts, shopping during big discount time periods like Black Friday is always a good idea. If you’re wanting to get the best bang for your buck any other time, its always better to go on the least busy days (usually Tuesday-Thursday) and if you go in the mornings, you’ll have more options since the shelves will be less picked over.
  4. Use Apps! Remember that handy Smartphone we talked about in #2? Well here is where it helps again! Download Apps like PriceGrabber or RetailMeNot to find discounts at different stores, or download a specific stores app for deals or available coupons! Sometimes the Outlet mall itself even has an App!
  5. Ask about any other possible discounts! Sometimes its just as simple as asking the particular store what their discounts are that day! Most have senior discounts, discounts for members of the military or maybe even a student discount with a student ID! It’s worth a shot right?

Now that you know the best ways to save EVEN MORE at your favorite Outlet store, get moving!!


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