#instagram the new age garage sale



We all know Instagram the mega giant social network is full of people posting their selfies, food porn, pets and everything you can imagine of. But a new trend is taking place, people making money off Instagram and on the other note people saving too. The question comes to mind how on earth that is possible as Instagram is not as flexible as other social networks and is specifically dedicated for having pictures. Thanks to the millions of people using it on a daily basis to follow their celebrity idols, brands and anyone whom they adore. Instagram has become a great place to sell stuff and is slowly becoming the personal shopping mall.

A simple search with hash tags such as #instaSale #InstaShop #ShopMyCloset are linked to millions of posts selling everything from a vintage clothing to designer shoes. Like all hash tags work, when people search these hash tags Instagram will look at all the accounts which have the said hash tags and will return them. Users can then look through the results, like and comment on the pictures to communicate with the sellers, sales usually are made on online payment gateways such as PayPal.

So for all those who are looking to buy something, who knew Instagram could be a place for such bargains. Shop quality products at reasonable prices or you could put up your own #InstaShop start taking pictures and upload them. Build a good following and it could allow you to make some instant cash. Style Blogger Alyssa Coscarelli made more than 300$ selling her old clothes online through Instagram in just one month, now she regularly posts up items on her Instagram account having more than 8000 followers.

Instagram hence has become a place not only to just post pictures but to do some serious shopping and/or making money selling. Start #instaShopping right away and save some big #instaBucks.