The Shopping Mall of the Future: Promotions Relevant to You!

Modern shopping mall interior

Everything around is becoming more and more technological; from the self-checkouts we use at grocery stores, to the sinks and toilets that work without anyone having to touch them. Consumers are having to do less and less for themselves, relying more on technology to guide them where they want to go, or help them do what they want to do. A huge portion of this electronic need and use goes to things that we carry with us all the time that keep us “connected” to the rest of the world; smartphones or tablets. Consumers are constantly checking their phones, their emails, their social media websites, even their bank statements constantly. The ability to shop and buy just about whatever you want is available right in your hand at the touch of  a button. Because of this, consumer spending doesn’t all go to man-made stores or malls anymore, but instead split up between online buying and in-store buying. So, what happens when the majority start shopping online instead of buying at the mall? I’ll tell you what will happen, eventually those malls and stores will close, leading to (nearly) 100% internet driven sales! That, of course, is NOT good for malls, and not only that, but the people that keep those malls running, like maintainance workers, landscapers and the people who work within the stores. If that Mall closes, all of those people are now without jobs, which of course nobody wants. So what can we do?  I’ll tell you what we can do… make the mall mobile!! Now, you may think that I’ve finally lost it here, but bear with me for a minute. I’m not actually talking about finding a way to make the mall move around… I’m talking about putting the mall information right at the touch of your fingers, and making people use their smartphones to realize they NEED to come to your mall, not just buy it on Amazon.

So, you may be wondering how in the world this can be done. Well, quite simply, you have to take the mall online! Create a website to start with. Make your mall map available, give information about all your stores, the benefits of the mall experience, and of course COUPONS AND SPECIAL DEALS!! See that part that’s all capitalized there… that’s because it’s the MOST important part! You have to give people an incentive to get up off their couch and come to your store, instead of just staying in their pjs and waiting for the mail man to bring it in a few days. You offer special deals on certain days, you offer coupons on different stores each month, and even make special events so that people have to show up to get a special discount! If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can also make an App; then you’re really in business! People use their smartphones constantly, and if you remind people of the awesome deals you’re having today via their smartphone App, possibly while they’re already out and about, you have a much higher chance of them stopping by to check it out! You can even set it up so that if you get close to the mall, you can be notified with special deals! You can have the App save their favorite stores, and send only the deals they’ll care about! The opportunities are almost endless! The mall of the past is gone. Targeting your market in order to bring their business to you is essential, or within a few generations, there will be no more malls to worry about.


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