6 Ways to Bring More People to Your Store (Without Spending a Lot of Money)!

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Running a business is not a simple thing; there are projects, jobs, problems and expenses that many people probably don’t think about. You not only have to have a nice store that people want to come to, you also have to make sure they actually know about the store! No one can come to something they don’t know about! This is where advertising comes in. The real problem here is not every company has a million dollar adverstising budget for whatever they want, in many cases there may not be an advertising budget at all for small businesses with a small profit margin. What can these business do? Are they just doomed to live in a world where advertising doesn’t exist? Fear not! There are TONS of ways to advertise your business for little to no money!! Here are just 6 ways to bring more people to your store without spending a lot of money!

  1. Social Media is king! Everywhere you look there’s a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some othing social media icon; on products, on store windows, just about every website you come across. ALL OF THEM. ALL THE TIME. And you know what the best part is?! THEY’RE FREE!!! All you have to do is create an account, put up some good pictures and info and invite people to your page! Make sure you update your page at least daily to make sure people are seeing your posts and remember you!
  2. Websites. Creating a website is another great idea. It’s not super expensive to get a domain name from a place like godaddy.com, and you can always use your free social media to adverstise for your website! If you can allow ordering through your website, then you’ll really be good to go! Even just a website gets your name out there!
  3. Contact local media to let them know you’re there! See if they want to come and do a story on the new store in town. It’s likely you can get at least one of your local news stations to send someone out for a story, for no cost! Free television advertising!
  4. Get on Yelp! Add your business to Yelp, which is a website where people review businesses. Get some good reviews, or have the ability to respond to and deal with any bad reviews to help turn them around! If you have a good rating, it may bring more people in to your store because they know they’ll have a good experience.
  5. List your business on Google Places! If you add your business here, when people use Google Maps, your business will pop up if someone searches for it! So if anyone in the area searches for you or a business like you, you’re there as an option. Plus people can leave reviews here too, so good reviews may lead to more customers than the competition with bad reviews.
  6. Take part in local events! If your area has a festival or event that your business fits with, rent a booth and spread the word about your business! Sometimes word of mouth is more powerful than you think! Get some basic things you can give out with your name on them, even if it’s only business cards or pens, and help people remember your name when they need what you have! This options actually involves spending a little money, but it can be done cheaply, and trust me, you’ll see some benefits!

See how easy that is? Just a little work, and you have TONS of free advertisement right at your fingertips. Spread the word about your business now!