Retailers: Touch Screen Windows are NOT the way to go!

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Recently, it was announced that some “amazing” new touch screen technology had been released! Now touch screen can be available on the windows of your local store… yeah… that’s what I said… on the window of the store. Now, I’m guessing you’re thinking (because this is pretty much what I was thinking anyway…) “why in the world would you need a touch screen on the window of a store?” Well, the claim is you use the touch screen window to make shopping easier, but if you ask me, it’s just going to cause congestion, problems, and job losses all over the country.

The idea of touch screen windows at your favorite store sound interesting. I mean, you can browse through the store without actually having to go IN it. But, if you’ve already come all the to the store, why at this point wouldn’t you want to go in? Why just show up to use a touchscreen on the window when you could’ve just shopped from home if the virtual experience is what you’re looking for. These touchscreens can also be placed on empty storefronts or areas where stores cannot fit, so that people can still shop those stores. But again… if you’re just going there to use a screen on a window… why wouldn’t you just do it from home? Personally if I want to look at a companies website or order online, I’m just going to do it from the comfort of my living room. I go online, or virtual, to order because I don’t want to leave my house! If I go out shopping, scanning through inventory in front of everyone walking by is NOT my idea of a good time.

Another worry I have about this “new” technology is that it seems to me that if you ever put one of these screens on a store front in a mall: instant congestion. Have you ever seen those kiosks at the mall where you can try out a video game system? Have you seen the LARGE crowds that gather to watch. Just imagine this at every store you try to walk by…. doesn’t seem like a good plan to me. Once people see what’s happening, they’re going to stop and watch, it’s just human nature to be curious. This is just a big disaster waiting to happen at any mall, and you can’t tell me malls won’t be the first one’s using them!

The reason that bothers me most about the whole thing, is it seems to me to be a slippery slope to the loss of jobs at retail stores, and as someone with family working retail, that sounds like a bad plan to me! If you have these touch screens that people can order from, MANY more people will be avoiding the employees of the store and just ordering what they want without “being bothered”. These people will no longer be needed, and soon there will be 1 employee inside the store, probably a computer technician in case the system goes down. If companies can save money, they will, and those salaries are money they’d love to save.

Honestly, the idea is very interesting and I totally get the bringing in new technology idea they’re going for. However, sometimes new technology doesn’t need to happen just because you’re feeling bored with current technology. This particular thing isn’t really necessary, though very interesting. Maybe someday if there is a good way to use it without hurting companies or their employees, it could be used, but honestly sometimes no news is good news. This is why we built Browz’in, to let you improve the actual screen instead of spending money on a screen thats just for kids to play on when mom is off buying what she wants in others stores!