Why using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks is a MUST for shop owners

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Social networks are a perfect marketing tool for shop owners. There are things a shop owner must know and many ways that Browz’In can help with social network marketing!




Most shop owners don’t have any idea on how to use social media productively to market their business. It is so important to use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others to help spread news about your company. There are so many benefits to social network usage for marketing. Studies have shown that 80% of consumers would be more likely to purchase more often because of an increased brand presence on social media. You can:

Post new job openings

Build your online presence – This can help make your shop more widely known and reputable. Consumers are looking to see what your online presence is. This also helps with your brand ranking and helps increase your search result ranking.

– Foster relationships with current and potential consumers

Target your message to potential consumers – The wonderful thing about this is that you can reach out to new consumers completely free of charge. These social networks essentially free marketing. These social networking site are sites where people connect with each other through similar interests. By sharing this information with your contacts in social media, you have a higher chance of them sharing with those in their networks as well. This helps with the spread of company news and is much more effective than a traditional ad. Not to mention the fact that it is fast and free. It is so wonderful that in fact your social contacts are actually doing most of the work of advertisement for you!

– Have a greater understanding for what your consumers are looking for. Understanding your consumers helps you to understand what type of service or product they are looking for. It definitely helps you to get quick marketing research right from the source and free!

– Get positive consumer reviews – Social networking is the perfect place to acquire positive feedback about your shop. When potential consumers see this, it increases the reputability of your shop.

Knowing how to use social networks to benefit your business is so crucial, especially because most consumers ow expect to find business representation on social media. These social networks give your shop the opportunity to tell the world what your shop is and what you provide!



Using Browz’In can be such a valuable tool for shop owners. Here are just a few of the tools Browz’In helps you as a shop owner:

• Push Marketing – Retailers can use the Browz’In app for product promotion on social media. This can direct consumers to the most relevant products all while encouraging them to share and recommend products to their friends and connections. It also uses product led crowd sourcing to use social media, bringing traffic to your shop. This app encourages browsers to share information to help other shoppers on their buying decisions. Push marketing really brings the advertisement to the consumer.

• Advertisement Opportunities – Who doesn’t want more advertisement for their shops? Retailers crave positive advertisements for their stores to increase the number of consumers shopping. The Browz’In app offers opportunities to advertise special offers, trending products and hot deals. It brings this information to the consumers, essentially leading them to your store. All of this information is right at their fingertips. This app makes it so easy to for you to bring your advertisements to potential consumers.

Browz’In is an app that is updated by professional who make sure that the browsers get the most up to date information and best deals available when they are at the mall. It is a specialized service that will turn a mall into a map including a variety of current offers and places for the browsers to take advantage of sale items.

As a shop owner, it provides you with incredible benefits by bringing the offers to the shoppers before they even get to your store. Because of social networks, it encourages users to share their shopping deals with friends and families.

Everyone is really waking up to how vital social networks are for shop owners and Browz’In is there to help you!