The Future of Shopping

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If you’re like me, you love to shop, you’re just not always a fan of everything else you have to do in order to shop; like fighting traffic to get to a mall you can barely walk through to get what you want. Then when you finally pick out what you want, you have to find someone to help you get a fitting room and who even knows how long the line to checkout will be. All of these things are why I end up not shopping when I need to, not the shopping itself. So… what if you could shop at your favorite store from the comfort of your living room? And no, I don’t mean surfing Amazon or the online website of that store… I mean actually speaking with the store associates at the store from your home! Sound impossible? Implausible? Inconceivable?? Well… it’s not!

The Topman Brand had many of it’s customers asking for a way to get fashion advice from their living room, so the fashion experts figured out a way to launch their Personal Shopping Program! Using this program, you can set up an actual time where you will meet with a fashion expert via Google Hangout!! You actually can speak with this person, or team of people, who can help you decide what looks are best for you without having to go anywhere! Then, when you’re done deciding what you want, you simply follow the link to their website and order what you discussed. The next thing you know, new wardrobe delivered directly to you with hardly and work from you! This is the perfect solution for the busy professional who needs to update their wardrobe, but may not have time for all the madness to get it. Or the busy professional mom or dad that needs work clothes but just can’t handle taking the kids to the store with them to get what they want.

Once this technology catches on, it may be available and many kinds of stores with tons of different options! I mean think about this… it’s so simple, yet such a “new” idea in the world of shopping! I mean online shopping is great, but sometimes if you’re buying something really expensive like a dress or suit for a wedding, or a wardrobe for your work, buying online is kind of risky because you can easily buy the wrong size based on their pictures of the item, which means you then have to return it, and wait again to see if the next size fits. With a personal shopper, you can tell them exactly what you like and don’t like, give them your measurements if you’re not sure if the size of something will fit, and so much more!

Another great aspect of this new technology, is it is also available by App!! There is an App for that too! If you have a compatible smartphone, just download the app, and you can use it to set up your session! All you have to do is go to the website or App, and book a video chat. If you want the expert to know your preferences beforehand, you can flag your favorites styles or trends available on their website. This allows the expert to better personalize your experience so that you can best maximize your shopping time! Honestly it doesn’t get too much easier than that! All you need is Google Hangouts, a computer or smartphone, and a dream for some new clothes!

This technology isn’t really brand new… Google Hangouts has been around for a little while, but this concept of using it to add a personal shopping experience to your website is new and very interesting! It could open up a whole new market for upscale shopping, and possible even mainstream shopping! People from all over the country, or even from all over the world, could have personalized shopping experiences for anything they wanted from anywhere they wanted. This idea and concept has incredible possibilities, and the experts have Topman have started a new shopping revolution; the future of shopping.