Planning Food For Your Shopping Center: Think National Not Regional!

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When planning a shopping center, or even while simply operating a shopping center, it’s important to make sure that the food choices you have in and around your shopping areas are not only delicious, but also eclectic. Thinking that you need to stick with local favorites so that you get your customers? Well, you don’t have to be so picky! Some restaurants that start out regional end up huge favorites in parts of the country they weren’t necessarily intended for. Don’t believe me? Well, here are some amazing examples of restaurants you’ve heard of that moved on up… and out!

  1. Boston Market: I’m guessing you can figure out that Boston is this restaurant’s origin. Wanna know where they’re most popular? The Mid-Atlantic region. Not crazy far away from it’s roots, but still moved outside the region, and of course found all over the country as well.
  2. California Pizza Kitchen: This California based company has moved well beyond it’s origins, with restaurants all over the country, as well as a line of frozen pizzas found in many grocery stores. The far west is it’s most popular region, which, of course, is not only within California.
  3. Jersey Mike’s Subs: Starting out in Jersey, the move to it’s most popular region was a large move; the far west! They spread across the country, and took over the opposite site of it! If that doesn’t prove that where you start a restaurant doesn’t matter, I don’t know what does!
  4. Moe’s Southwest Grill:  With the southwestern fare offered at Moe’s, you’d think it’s home region and south would be where it hit big. You’d be wrong! The Southeast loves Moe’s most! The area’s where food isn’t usually located, can actually be an advantage, like in this case. It’s a lot easier to get Southeast food in the southeast than in the southwest right? Same concept! Supply and demand people!
  5. Ted’s Montana Grill:  Ted’s has moved pretty far from its origins in Montana, to it’s popular spot in the Southeast. Though it may not be surprising that hearty food likes steaks and potatoes are popular in the South anywhere!
  6. Texas Roadhouse:   With the Texas theme abounding in the restaurants, you’d probably think that it sticks to the South. Nope! The Great Lakes region has the most of them. Apparently even the Yankees have a little Rebel in them!
  7. Uno’s Chicago Grill:   With Chicago-style favorites, you’d figured you’d find it in the neighborhoods or suburbs of Chicago Illinois. Actually you’d need to travel to New England to find the most of them! Chicago-style taking over New England!
  8. A&W’s All American Food: Having a name like “All American Food” kind of covers you for expanding wherever you’d like, but it’s beginnings go back to the Great Lakes region!

See? You don’t have to just find the local hotspots and ask them to move near you! Look outside your area for places that may be willing to expand to a new market! Make your shopping center the place to go for the best food, and it’ll be the place to go for the total experience as well!