Modern Marketing for Your Shop

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The way retail marketing works is changing every day. If you can connect with your most important type of customer, it is considered a success. Meaning, are you able to connect with your shopper wherever they are or whatever device they are on?

Here are 3 ways you are able to reach out to that shopper:

1.) Measuring Behavior

You first must understand who your customer is. Basically, demographic, location, gender, shopping habits, where they shop in store, etc. But more specifically, you must understand how your customer shops (online and in store) and how likely are they to use which source. With better measurement insight, retailers have more sway in drawing shoppers to their stores.  “One in four who click on mobile search ads end up in a store, so we’ve realized that the in-store experience needs to continue to build on that bridge we’ve made in digital,” says Evan Conway, Sprint’s vice president of digital. This helps companies understand the impact of their paid search ads.

2.) Providing Localized Information

Three in four shoppers who find local retail information in search results helpful are the ones who are most likely to visit stores. Once you understand the relationship between this digital aspect and in store for your shoppers, you will see how important it is to reach them wherever they are at. The easier it is for potential shoppers to access the information they need, the easier it is to direct them to your store door.

3.) Creating the Right Organizational Structure

Once you have an idea of who your most valuable shoppers are,  you can begin to understand their shopping behavior.  If you take action on these insights, that shopping experience can help lead to a sale. The closer you pay attention on online and in store marketing, the more seamless this whole experience will be. You are also able to see a more complete view of the customer’s shopping experience.


This provides a huge shift in how we think about retail shopping. Once you understand these traits, you will be able to give you customers what they are looking for. Through structure you can measure your success.