24% Conversions Using Browz’In Smartphone Shopping App!

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During the 1-week trial of the Browz’In app in Kanyon Ganim over the Pesach holiday, 1,512 consumers downloaded the application and viewed a total of 2,854 product promotions on their smartphones. During the trial, 685 Browz’In promotion coupons were redeemed at store check-outs, representing a 24% conversion rate on the digital advertising app.

The Browz’In smartphone application is designed to help consumers in the mall to find the most relevant bargains. Retailers can send targeted advertising messages directly to shoppers currently in the mall who have shared their profile, indicating what categories of “hot deals” they are interested in. Customized promotions appear on their phones with special offers that they can redeem at the store check-out, just like a personalized coupon.

The Browz’In App has been developed by a Jerusalem-based start-up company and is being promoted to mall owners and retailers throughout the world. “Our goal is to enable smaller retailers to advertise on the smartphones of consumers in their vicinity, in order to compete with the chain stores that are creating in their own branded apps to promote their stores”, explains Browz’In inventor Maxime Seligman.

When downloading the free app, consumers select one of the 12 shopper profiles that they feel describes them best. By defining themselves as ‘Ninja’, ‘Geek’, ‘Fashionista’ or ‘Classic’, they allow retailers in the shopping center to send them relevant special offer promotions.

“Smartphones enable retailers to talk to customers in the retail zone. The Browz’In app identifies the most relevant bargains according to user profiles, saving consumers time and money”, explains Seligman. “Rather than surfing the internet from home, shoppers can use the app to search online for the best bargains while standing in the Mall, and then go into the store and make instant savings.”

Click here to see the app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.BrowzIn