How Do We Shop?

animated memeThis cute animated meme that went viral on social media shows men as efficient shoppers and women as indecisive – or more thorough, depending on your point of view – visiting multiple shops many times before making their purchase. While this raises a laugh among couples who share frustrating trips to the mall, it simplifies a much more complex and interesting issue: how do we shop?

In real life, behavioral patterns are not so clear-cut between men and women. Some men love to search out the best deals and compare styles and options, while some women are busy and plan their trips to the mall to make best use of their time and money.

The Browz’In app is designed to help consumers to find the bargains they seek by sending them special offers according to the profile that they choose for themselves. If you are a Busy Mom or Ninja Shopper, who wants to dash in, grab the best deals and then leave the mall, the app caters to you. If you are a Fashionista or Teenager who wants to explore all the options and catch up with the latest trends, Browz’In helps you to find the best options.

Download the Browz’In app to see how it can help you and your customers.