Digital Advertising in the Mall Shopper’s Hands

digital advertisingWith the delivery of millions of digital ads every day to smartphones and wearables, mobile ad-tech is one of the fastest-developing areas of hi-tech innovation.

People may not realize how much personal information is stored on their mobile devices, thanks to the many applications that they use on a daily basis. This bank of valuable apps data is accessible to advertisers who know how to tap into it and find the consumers that they are looking for.

Browz’In is a mobile advertising platform that harnesses the power of this data and combines it with a geolocation algorithm, telling us where and when our target consumers are doing their shopping. It allows retailers and brands to advertise to the most relevant consumers in the right place at the right time.

Localized advertising is not new, but combining it with personal profile data and delivering the ads into the hand-held of the consumer as they enter the shopping mall creates great opportunities. Advertising on Browz’In puts the digital discount coupon in the palm of the shopper as they walk towards the store, or even towards a competitor’s store. Watch them make a u-turn as they realize that they can get 50% off at your store instead!