Introducing Google’s Latest: Eddystone Beacon

You might be wondering, what’s this new Eddystone beacon?

Simply put, it’s Google’s alternative to Apple’s iBeacon. It’s a brand new method of broadcasting BLE data from beacons. Eddystone does was iBeacon can but adds more real world context to it. Eddystone is able to give it’s users better experiences by providing strong signals to their devices through Bluetooth.

What does Eddystone offer?

While iBeacon broadcasts a unique ID number, Eddystone offers three different packages: a unique ID number, a URL address, and a sebsir telemetry. Eddystone is something that is published openly on the web by GitHub so anyone is able have access to it as well as contribute to it.

You’ll love that it’s both iOS and Android compatible. Eddystone supports both formats. Eddystone is flexible and opens up more opportunities, but it’s more difficult to code.

With Eddystone, you’ll be able to broadcast URLs directly to users’ smart phones and other devices or broadcast it to smart devices for many different uses.

With the addition of this Eddystone beacon, it should help drive more sales of beacons

How does Eddystone beacon help shop owners??

With a nearby API, your iOS or Android app can detect nearby beacons and use your attachments to deliver users a unique proximity aware experience. This is something that can be very helpful in driving sales. These same users can also use the beacons as a tool for selecting nearby business or other places of interest.

Overall, it’s smart to become more familiar with Google’s Eddystone beacon, because ultimately it can be used as a tool to help drive sales to your business.