Using Smart Paper to Deliver SmartPhone Apps

ThNFC IMAGEe latest printing technology embeds NFC codes into paper to facilitate instant application downloads.

Browz’In is partnering with Adsp to use their new printed NFC connected paper for its point-of-sale materials. The technology is owned by Arjowiggins (, international manufacturers of security papers used in banknotes and vouchers of Sequana SA (SEQ).

Browz’In is a new improved shopping experience smartphone app that gives shoppers personalized information about special offers inside the mall or shopping area. The app is usually downloaded onto the customer’s smartphone in the retail store at the point of sale or when they enter the shopping mall. In order to facilitate the rapid download of its free app to Windows and Android devices, Browz’In uses laminated paper on which NFC codes have been printed.

“Printing NFC codes onto all kinds of point of sale materials made from paper and card is the most efficient way that we have found to distribute our smartphone app”, explains Maxime Seligman, CTO of Browz’In. “The newest silver ink printing technology being developed by Adsp and Arjowiggins now allows us to print electronic data such as digital NFC codes, reducing the costs of delivering applications at the point of sale.”

Ylan Temim, CEO of Adsp says: “We are excited to be partnering with Maxime and his innovative Browz’In smartphone application. This is an amazing opportunity to support start-up enterprises in Israel using our patented connected paper technology.”

The Browz’In smartphone application is designed to help consumers in the shopping mall or high street to find the most relevant bargains. Retailers can send targeted advertising messages directly to shoppers currently in the mall who have shared their profiles, indicating what categories of deals they are interested in. Customized promotions appear on their phones with special offers that they can redeem at the store check-out, just like a personalized coupon. It will be launched soon in the UK and promoted to mall owners and retailers throughout the world.

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