Browz’In Presented to Mall Owners


Maxime Seligman presented Browz’In to the owners and managers of international mall companies at the Israel Mall & Chain Store Conference in Eilat in November 2018. There was considerable interest in how the Browz’In App can help shopping center owners to attract more consumers away from the internet and into the shopping mall to do their purchasing.

“Browz’In turns the physical shopping mall into a digital shopping mall where customers can browse on their smartphones at the same time as entering physical stores and choosing merchandise”, explains Maxime. “The App allows customers to select the product categories that they are interested in and then presents them with special offers inside the shopping mall that they can quickly find, inspect and purchase.”

Browz’In developers are talking to mall owners about how the App can be customized to suit the evolving needs of mall companies, including adding geolocation and customized customer profile selection features to make it more effective.