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Digital Advertising in the Mall Shopper’s Hands

With the delivery of millions of digital ads every day to smartphones and wearables, mobile ad-tech is one of the fastest-developing areas of hi-tech innovation. People may not realize how much personal information is stored on their mobile devices, thanks to the many applications that they use on a daily basis. This bank of valuable […]

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How Do We Shop?

This cute animated meme that went viral on social media shows men as efficient shoppers and women as indecisive – or more thorough, depending on your point of view – visiting multiple shops many times before making their purchase. While this raises a laugh among couples who share frustrating trips to the mall, it simplifies […]

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Why WiFi will not be profitable if you are NOT a telecom company

The WiFi Age What is WiFi? WiFi is a popular method of internet connection all over the world. It allows devices to connect to the internet or communicate wirelessly within a certain area. WiFi is a great feature to have now. It is popular and almost everyone has a 3g/4g smartphone. It allows you to […]

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Combining the Offline and Online Shopping Experience

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The internet is such a powerful tool for shoppers! Most all businesses either sell their products online or have a website. In order to take advantage of this as a business owner, they really need to meld the experience for shoppers offline and online. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after they have […]

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