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Introducing Google’s Latest: Eddystone Beacon

You might be wondering, what’s this new Eddystone beacon? Simply put, it’s Google’s alternative to Apple’s iBeacon. It’s a brand new method of broadcasting BLE data from beacons. Eddystone does was iBeacon can but adds more real world context to it. Eddystone is able to give it’s users better experiences by providing strong signals to their devices through […]

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Why WiFi will not be profitable if you are NOT a telecom company

The WiFi Age What is WiFi? WiFi is a popular method of internet connection all over the world. It allows devices to connect to the internet or communicate wirelessly within a certain area. WiFi is a great feature to have now. It is popular and almost everyone has a 3g/4g smartphone. It allows you to […]

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Office Depot in the Malls


Have you heard about how Office Depot is bringing people to the malls? Office Depot has been looking for a way to help their customers with their shopping experience. They have created a new way to search for local inventory and this has helped both shopper and store! Office Depot is now offering local inventory ads […]

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