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Office Depot in the Malls


Have you heard about how Office Depot is bringing people to the malls? Office Depot has been looking for a way to help their customers with their shopping experience. They have created a new way to search for local inventory and this has helped both shopper and store! Office Depot is now offering local inventory ads […]

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There’s an app for that!

Do you ever find yourself lost amongst all of the promotions found in catalogs and fliers? Lucky for us, Browz’In has created an app to help us with that! There are three very important things that the Browz’In app helps us with: 1.) Access to relevant info: The Browz’In app gives you current information all […]

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Contrary to popular belief: Men spend more than women


Contrary to what everyone believes, men are spending more money on luxuries and treats than women. A survey was conducted in 17 European countries found than men actually spend more money than women do. How are men spending more than women? : Dating Despite all of the changes among the gender equality trend, men are […]

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#instagram the new age garage sale


We all know Instagram the mega giant social network is full of people posting their selfies, food porn, pets and everything you can imagine of. But a new trend is taking place, people making money off Instagram and on the other note people saving too. The question comes to mind how on earth that is […]

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